SkateChat 025 - Golden Hour

Posted by SkaterDee on December 3, 2017

Hey, SkateChatters!

I feel like Sunday afternoons are probably the best time to go for a city skate sesh in Wilkes Barre. You pretty much have the whole street to yourself because there's hardly any traffic to watch out for. And with the temperature in the upper 40s, it was the perfect condition for a nice, chill, urban flow sesh. It really couldn't have been a nicer day for a chill roll.

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SkateChat 024 - Skating the ScrantonMade Holiday Market Sythentic Ice Rink

Posted by SkaterDee on December 2, 2017

Hey, SkateChatters!

Yesterday was the first day of the ScrantonMade Holiday Market. It took place at the old Globe Store on Wyoming Avenue in Scranton.

Although the crown of the event was the holiday market place -- with plenty of awesome, hand-crafted, artisan items, the jewel in the crown was the FREE synthetic ice skating rink out on the street. They closed off the entire 100 block to accommodate the rink. Good times!

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SkateChat 023 - Slide Sesh 002 - Practicing Powerslides

Posted by SkaterDee on November 26, 2017

Have ya had enough, or are ya thirsty for more?

More powerslides, that is!

Practice makes perfect, and I'm still trying to get the hang of this. I feel like I'm almost getting it... Just a few more practice sessions and I might have it down.

SkateChat 022 - Blue Sky on a Black Friday - Learning to Slide

Posted by SkaterDee on November 24, 2017

In my last video, I said that I wanted to get into more "aggressive" skating techniques, and one of the things I want to learn most is how to power slide. Or parallel slide. Or magic slide, or hockey stop... or whatever you want to call it.

After watching several videos, including the ones I link to below, I feel like I've got a good idea of what I have to do to pull it off. Now, I just have to dedicate myself to putting theory into practice. As you'll see in the video, however... It's not something you just figure out in one go...

The following videos by Shop Task helped immensely:
How to Magic Slide in 3 Steps
Quick Tip - Parallel Slide on Inline Skates

Check out Shaun's channel for more great videos!

SkateChat 021 - Passive Aggressive Inline Skating

Posted by SkaterDee on November 21, 2017

Warning: What you are about to see in this video is some of the finest examples of extreme, hardcore, aggressive inline skating -- that I have ever done. Because I am NOT an aggressive inline skater.

I'm more of a passive-aggressive inline skater. You know? I make an effort, every now then. It's more sarcastic than sincere, but it's an effort, at least. But then I'm not really out to impress anyone, so...

Please enjoy this tongue-in-cheek look at my evolution into the world of aggressive inline skating!

(And, please, understand that this is a joke. Seriously. I suck. I'm not trying to make fun of aggressive inline skaters, I just kinda got tired of people yelling out, "DO A TRICK!" every time I skate by. If anything, this is a response to that. I really just thought this would be good for a laugh. So, laugh.)

SkateChat 020 - 5 Foot 5 and Bulletproof

Posted by SkaterDee on November 19, 2017

Oh, look! Crossovers! (Get it? Because this episode crosses over from one show to another? ...meh...)

First up, Episode 002 of CoffeeTalk, which has somehow made it to a second episode. Immediately following that, we go right into the bleeding edge. From CoffeeTalk to SkateChat, all in one video.

In this episode, I talk about the scourge of rental skates, I decide to give Bulletproof coffee a try, and I give a little bit of an update on my diet and fitness. And then, Andrea and I freeze our asses off on a particularly chilly skate sesh. It's cold out there, campers. Stick around for more!

Sesh 019 - "Why am I out here?"

Posted by SkaterDee on November 16, 2017

It's 47 degrees in November, and I'm still rushing home from work to go skating.

Why am I out here? Why am I doing this? What compels me to go out on a cold, rainy night to get a skate sesh in?

Sesh 018 - SkateChat On Ice!

Posted by SkaterDee on November 11, 2017

I headed out to the Coal Street Complex -- aka, Toyota Sportsplex -- Saturday, November 11 to meet up with my friend Melissa who had invited me to this public skate fund raising event to help send Olympic families to PyeongChang, South Korea for the Olympics.

It's just funny how, for the last week or so, all I've really talked about is how much I wanted to go ice skating. And then, here comes this golden opportunity to go skating and help out with future Olympians!

One of the Olympic hopefuls is Adam Rippon, born in Scranton, PA, who calls Clarks Summit home. He's a US National Champion, a Four Continents Champion, and Two-Time Junior World Champion.

For more on Adam Rippon, check out the following links:
Homepage for Adam Rippon
Adam Rippon on Instagram
Adam Rippon on Twitter

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Sesh 017 - Purple Moons?

Posted by SkaterDee on November 3, 2017

And away we go! Into November -- still skating.

The fall foliage tends to turn Northeast PA into a bit of a tourist trap, but it really does make for some remarkable scenes. They might not translate to video so well -- believe me, this looked a LOT better in person -- but hopefully you can still appreciate the beauty that nature has to offer.

The chatter is all over the place, in this one. I tend to ramble without any rhyme or reason, which is fine... I mean, the reason this video exists is, really, just an excuse to show off the fall foliage and to show everyone that I am STILL skating my heart out!

Sesh 016 - New Kicks

Posted by SkaterDee on September 12, 2017

In this sesh, I show off my new Powerslide Swell 100s, which have quickly become my favorite skates.

I didn't really talk about the skates, all that much. I probably should have? Yeah, probably. Instead, I talked about random people who talk to me on the street, why I love city skating, and ... I really probably should have talked more about the skates... Sorry.

This video also briefly touches on a subject I wrote about back in August, which is, how much I hate street harassment/catcalling. In this case, when some random dude is trying to make conversation by shouting at me from across the street, "Hey! Where do you go skating?" while I'm currently skating... Like, really? So, here's a video of where I go skating, just in case they are watching.

Sesh 015 - Trying out the DJI Osmo Mobile

Posted by SkaterDee on July 31, 2017

Image stabilization technology has come a long way! What used to be only available to high-end studios and professional videographers with deep pockets is now available in a handheld device for only a couple hundred bucks.

My friend John is a professional videographer (visit his YouTube channel here) who runs a company called Contention Media. I bump into him along the riverfront, every now and then, usually flying his drone or testing out his latest gear acquisition. Today he has me trying out a new piece of kit called the Osmo Mobile by DJI. It's a 3-axis motorized gimbal with a smartphone mount that promises some serious image stabilization. And it definitely works! you'll be able to see in this video.

Sesh 014 - Hampsters on Broken Wheels

Posted by SkaterDee on July 12, 2017

The madness from Sesh 013 is still affecting our brains... Hence the return of my alter-ego, Bernice Anders, who sounds kinda like Laverne DiFazio from "Laverne and Shirley."

Did I mention we've gone mad? This sesh goes a little off the rails... There were things I had to edit out... it got bad.

Anywho, we wanted to shoot a SkateChat session in Nay Aug Park, in Scranton. Unfortunately, torrential downpours put an end to that notion, and we went back home. Once we got to Wilkes-Barre, though, the skies were clear. Not a drop of rain in sight! So, we did what we set out to do -- shoot a SkateChat sesh. And here it is!

Sesh 013 - Descent Into Madness

Posted by SkaterDee on July 6, 2017

We've been keeping up with the "Bill Stoppard Challenge" to skate every day, although I haven't been filming every day. My worry is that I'll end up overwhelmed with content and leave it unfinished for months. Not too mention the hours and hours of video that I doubt anyone will actually watch...

Speaking of, I wanted to spice things up a bit, and find something viewers haven't really seen on this channel, before. We decided to skate some new terrain and, hopefully, tell a more interesting story. We ended up skating through Forty Fort to get a look at the airport and maybe see some airplanes. 4 hours later, we ended up skating some of the roughest, toughest, most miserable terrain we could find -- like training for a skate sesh in hell. Enjoy!

Sesh 012 - Roll Every Day?

Posted by SkaterDee on July 2, 2017

Bill Stoppard is saying he's gonna roll every day in July? Color me inspired! I don't know if I could commit to a schedule like that, but I think it's an awesome goal to shoot for!

So, here I am, on the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail, with an update for the vlog. Please enjoy!

Sesh 011 - Happy Pride, Philadelphia!

Posted by SkaterDee on June 29, 2017

The last two weeks have been CRAZY! Birthdays, work stuff, attending two Prides in two different cities... June has been a busy month!

Please enjoy my latest vlog with some footage of Philly Pride and a special clip of my mom and niece feeding some ducks where I got some much needed time off with them.

Sesh 010 - Rabbit, Rabbit. It's LGBT Pride Month!

Posted by SkaterDee on June 1, 2017

Happy June! Happy Pride! Happy... birthday? Well, June 6th is my birthday...

June is LGBT Pride month. We've got a ton of different things to do and enjoy, and I can't wait! Philadelphia Pride, New York Pride... So much excite! I love June!

SkateChat is back after a short hiatus, and I'm skating in Wilkes Barre, again. Time for fun with people standing around, scenic views, wildlife, and plenty of trans stuff to discuss. Enjoy!

Sesh 009 - Going For A Fidget Spin

Posted by SkaterDee on May 26, 2017

So, fidget spinners... They're basically skate bearings with little weights on them? Oh, I've got those! I wear them on my feet! But how do they help me to focus? Andrea shows me how...

Also in this episode: I sing "Thus Spake Zarathustra," we discuss confidence, and talk about all sorts of random stuff along the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail.

Sesh 008 - Lackawanna River Heritage Trail (Revisited)

Posted by SkaterDee on May 25, 2017

The Lackawanna River Heritage Trail is quickly becoming my favorite spot to do SkateChats. Long, smooth surfaces, with hilly sections that aren't too steep but keep things moving quickly, and usually not a lot of people to have to skate around. Plus, it's the perfect length to shoot a video that's under 20 minutes.

Sesh 007 - Skating the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail (Again)

Posted by SkaterDee on May 23, 2017

Sesh 006 - Shout Outs

Posted by SkaterDee on May 15, 2017

Shout out to the dudes at "You're So Brave," and to my good friend, Yuri (who loves that show.)

I've got a plan. I'm living my life. Now what?

As I turn to more positive thoughts and try to find new goals, I talk a little bit about my feelings of anger, gender dysphoria, and how I deal with people who misgender me when I'm already in a lousy mood.

Sesh 005 - Suicide

Posted by SkaterDee on May 10, 2017

It's been a rough week, and an all-around rough year. Very recently, I had to deal with the loss of a very good friend to suicide, and it's been haunting me. On top of that, big changes at work have caused a lot of stress, hormones are going crazy, and money is tighter than ever. I've been thinking about my life, the way it's going, and how much I really want to continue putting up with all of this stuff if things don't show any sign of getting better. I'm having a really rough time.

For now, though, I'm electing to stick around. I've got a plan I'm working on, and I'm hanging in there as hard as I can.

Sesh 004 - Dykes on Skates on Dykes

Posted by SkaterDee on May 2, 2017

Cloudy, muggy, threats of a big storm rolling in... It ended up being a beautiful day for a skate session!

Here, I take you on a tour of the Wilkes Barre levee system. We head a little further away from the Riverfront Commons area to see the recreational facilities along the Susquehanna River.

Sesh 003 - Lackawanna River Heritage Trail

Posted by SkaterDee on May 1, 2017

This Saturday, Andrea and I took her kids to the Rails to Trails path in Scranton, PA. It was such a beautiful day!

This was also my chance to try out my skates with new zip buckles to replace the old, broken ones. Andrea installed them for me, as I had clue how to do it myself. Finally! I have my ankle stability back. The skates feel like brand new! Now that I'm able to feel more confident, I can go a lot faster and try new things!

In this video, I'm skating with Andrea's daughter, cruising along the wooded pathway.

Sesh 002 - Skating The Wilkes-Barre Riverfront

Posted by SkaterDee on April 28, 2017

Probably my favorite area to skate... The Riverfront Commons area resides just below the dyke wall (dykes on skates on dykes!) and plays host to concerts and other events in the summer. But my favorite use of it is the fantastic scenery and the wide path to skate on.

Here, we see some skateboarders, I mention the flood in 2012 and talk about my mom, a little. (She worries so much!) We also get to see some wild geese with their goslings! Lots of fun!

Sesh 001 - Wilkes Barre

Posted by SkaterDee on April 27, 2017

Skating and chatting, chatting and skating.

The first of my new vlog series called SkateChat!

I love talking about my city, Wilkes Barre, PA, and Ilove showing people around. My preferred method of getting around, these days, is rolling on in-line skates.

Follow along a I tour my neighborhood and the surrounding areas while talking about whatever pops into my head!