Destination: PyeongChang Skate-A-Thon

Posted by SkaterDee on November 8, 2017

As you may not be aware, I started a new video series as an offshoot of SkateChat called SkateChat Presents: Coffee Talk.

Right now, you're probably thinking, "What is this nonsense?"

Well, CoffeeTalk is kind of like the SkateChat between SkateChats -- it's the non-sesh sesh. It's where I sit and stare into a camera and talk about skating instead of skating while staring into a camera, talking about skating.

It's a dumb idea, I admit, but it's not like I'm the only inline skater on YouTube who does videos where they aren't actually skating. So, there's that.

Now, the whole point of this incredibly long run-up is to tell you all that, as the weather turns colder, I don't want to be outside all that much. Like, maybe if it would go above 50 degrees F, I would be easily tempted to go for a sesh. But as long as it's going to be 19 degrees, or lower, I'm not so interested in the "great" outdoors. My skin dries out, my nose runs, I get irritable and cranky, and it's just not fun, for me. As I write this, it's 18 degrees F outside. I'm not a fan. So, how do I keep skating when I can't stand to be outside, and I'm having a feud with the local skating rink? I'll tell you...

And that fabulous transition was, more or less, a segue into the real meat of my post, today... Ice skating!

I haven't gone ice skating in forever. And I've been talking about going ice skating, but never really thought to set a date, or figure out where to go. So, here it is. This is the time; this is the place.

This is, like, one of those moments of serendipity, where I'm talking about something I want to do, but never really making plans to do it, and then, suddenly, the golden opportunity presents itself, right in front of me. Like my trip to Pittsburgh. It was something I had talked about for weeks, but never really made plans to go. And then, out of the blue, the perfect opportunity pops up and knocks on my door.

Tonight, November 11, at 7:30 pm at the Coal Street Ice Rink/Toyota Sportsplex in Wilkes Barre is a benefit that's raising money to send an Olympic family member to the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics. Minimum donation is $10, and that includes a skate rental.

I think this is such a great opportunity to do exactly what I was talking about doing. I can get a skate sesh in, plus, I'm hoping to get some cool footage (SkateChat: On Ice!), plus, I can help send someone to the Olympics. (I've always been a huge fan of the Olympics.) I can't wait! I'm so stoked!

Still Alive

Posted by SkaterDee on November 8, 2017

Yes, I am STILL alive, and STILL posting videos. (Psst! you can watch the latest one right here!)

So, anyway... We have run straight into a cold snap. I mean, it had to happen sooner or later. We really couldn't expect it to remain in the 60s and 70s only weeks away from the offical start of winter. But now, this weekend, it's supposed to be especially chilly. I'm just not ready. I want to skate! I want to live! Can the weather just let me live? Ugh...

Unfortunately, with skate sessions being fewer, and farther, between, I packed on a few pounds. Plus, like, the job situation has been miserable. I've been really stressed out, and I tend to turn to food as a coping mechanism. In response, I'm going back to cutting out carbs and sugar -- it's really the only thing I've found that works, for me.

I'm also considering putting my gym membership to good use and doing some weight training. (Do you even lift, bro?) I really need to build up a stronger core, do some strength training, and help regain some of what I've lost since starting hormone replacement therapy 3 years ago. Maybe I'll get in a cold skate sesh, here and there... We'll see!