It's Been A Hot Minute

Posted by SkaterDee on June 14, 2018

The Skate Elves and I have been a little busy working on some new stuff to show you.

Making videos kind of took a back seat for a while... Andrea got the GoPro in the separation (I mean, it was hers to begin with) and I haven't had a chance (read: the money) to get one for myself. The camera I DO have kind of sucks because it's not really made for selfie sticks, and it's got this weird lens flare thing where it looks like Mace Windu is waving his lightsaber all over the place. (Just go with it... I'm a nerd.)

Now, don't let that worry you for even a moment. Andrea and I have been splitsville since January, and you know I'm living in Throop these days, but I'm still skating, and we even found a new trail to skate (and OMG is it EPIC), so I've been very active. I just haven't been shooting a lot of video.

In the hot minute since I last posted, I fell at a skate park and maybe cracked a rib. I also suffered a bad concussion. A few weeks later, I slid during a sprint and futzed up my knee with a really, really bad friction burn. My knee joint is fine, but the top layer of skin was shredded and made it hard to walk for a week or so. It was probably the worst injury I've ever had skating. Probably... I mean, concussions definitely are not good, but not being able to walk because the scab on your knee is tearing apart every time you bend it sucks even more. TMI? Sorry...

So, as you know, YouTube pulled my monetization because I don't have enough subscribers or viewer hours. I mean, look... I tried. Ok? I really tried. It's just not happening. I don't know... My videos suck, I guess. I'm just not charming enough to be the next Stef Sanjati or cool enough to be Chase Ross (who is super cool, btw. I've met him.)

See? Here we are in Philadelphia. And then I met him again in Scranton. I think he's following me around...

So, the vlog is kind of dead.

What I'm doing now, instead, is creating fun stickers for the world. Here's one:

And, another...

And there are many, many more coming, very soon. It's gonna be rad. I'm super stoked, and I'll be providing a ton more information ASAP. In the meantime, if you would like to order one, you can't. Not yet. Contact me at this email address to get in touch for a pre-order, and the moment they are available, I will send them to you!

In the meantime, let's keep this skate party going!